Diamond Faceting, Inc
Rough Diamond Grading and Manufacturing

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We buy diamonds, gold, watches.
Sell your jewelry at the best prices with private appointments & immediate payments. 

Diamond Faceting, Inc. has a full in house rough diamond cutting, re-cutting, and repairing service. We custom design and apply unique variations of a cut to a rough diamond as may be required. We can recut any of the older cuts to modern proportions, repair any broken or chipped diamonds, including repairs to fancy cuts such as princess, baguettes and marquise. We will also remove minor scratches and abrasions from modern cuts, thereby improving their clarity grade. 
 We manufacture to our customer's specifications and consult with them as required during the job process. Turn-around time is always kept minimal.

Our services:
  • Diamond grading, appraising and valuation services for cut and polished diamonds
  • Specialist in gem rough diamond grading and evaluation
  • The ability to set up diamond cutting and polishing factories
  • Diamond recutting and repairing (older cuts to modern cuts)
  • Expert in cutting fancy colored diamonds
  • Diamond consultation for companies and individuals internationally
  • GIA certification
  • 206410